UNION OF EMPLOYERS OF Information and Communication Technologies

Upon the initiative of a number of ICT companies, in Sepetmber 2015 the Union of Employers of Information and Communication Technologies (UEICT) has been established in Armenia with the aim of presenting and defending rights and interests of ICT employers. Among members of the Union are companies with the biggest number of employees of ICT industry as well as Universities preparing ICT professionals.

The Union gives an opportunity to:

  • strengthen mutual respect between ICT employers,
  • reflect the emerging demands of the field in the applicable legislation,
  • implement initiatives with focus on integration and convergence of Science and Industry
  • foster small and medium businesses,
  • create favorable conditions for their development,
  • encourage entrepreneurship in ICT sphere.

Among the objectives of the Union is the support to trainings of professionals matching the requirements of ICT and ICT-related fields, as well as modernization of ICT educational programs in schools (Pilot project on teaching Microelectronics, Information Technologies and Basics of Telecommunication disciplines in high schools), vocational and higher education institutions in accordance with the best international standards. Also trainings for lecturers in IT field will be supported.
The Union will be a platform for closer cooperation with other industries and for wider application of ICT tools to significantly increase the labor productivity. Another objective is raising awareness about Armenia on international area, Armenia’s participation in international projects, as well as involvement of organizations of global significance in Union’s activities.

Projects initiated by the members of UEICT:

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UNION OF EMPLOYERS OF Information and Communication Technologies

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